Discovr Apps Is The Best Way To... Discover... Apps

The guys at Australian developers Jammbox - and team behind one of our favourite iOS apps, Discovr Music - has used its recommendation software to tackle a new frontier... The App Store. Oh, yes.

With over 400,000 apps on the app store, discovering new apps can be a bit of a nightmare. The Discovr Apps app lets you use the same tree-branching mechanic to find apps that you may like, based on other apps you select or following one of the "Suggested" Apps. You can then see similar applications and once you find something that interests you, you can look at screenshots, information and download it from the App Store.

The app itself is $1.19 and universal for both iPad and iPhone. If you own an iDevice and want to get the most from your apps, this is a must purchase.




    Android really needs this.

    Android already DOES this.
    Go into your marketplace as usual, click on an app, scroll down to the bottom of the info and see a list of related apps.
    It works exactly like the image up there in that you click on a "related app" and see at the bottom of that even more "related apps"

    They ARE NOT always properly related because I imagine it's an automatic thing to do with keyword tags and sometimes the keywords are deliberately wrong in order to give an app more hits... That said though it generally works pretty well I find and you discover a lot of good stuff that way!

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