Curious How iPad AirPlay Mirroring Works?

iOS 5 has heaps of new features, and one of those is AirPlay mirroring. What you see on your tablet is what you see on your screen, no wires.

iPad mirroring was introduced with the introduction of the iPad 2 back in February, but it required the assistance of a $US40 cable. That cable is now unnecessary, however. As you can see from some brave soul who installed the beta on his iPad, AirPlay mirroring is a serviceable, if not quite beautiful, solution for using movie and TV apps on your big screen. The system UI and most apps come through in a 4:3 aspect ratio, but depending on the app, certain content will appear in 16:9.

And according to Apple, mirroring supports iPad gaming, which seems weird when you consider potential latency. But that's an issue for another day. [9to5mac]

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