Cowardly Seagull Thief Steals GoPro And Flies Away

GoPro, just admit you're paying animals to steal cameras as part of some adorable viral marketing scheme. First the lion, and now a seagull? How did the seagull get the camera? How did the guy find it? We want answers.

YouTube user opica1983 says he was filming in Cannes, France, when he apparently put his GoPro on the ground for some reason, and was subsequently shocked when a bird flew away with it. He then "found it on the castle wall, where I had to climb."

This narrative is a bit thin, but fake or otherwise, the squawks are worth the suspension of disbelief. [via PetaPixel]



    I find it hard to believe there is someone in this world that has *NEVER* heard a seagull make a noise before...

    They sounded like a surprised chicken being rogered from behind...

    Indian giver he was.

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