Computer Glitch Leads To Beer Stampede At Tesco

Shopping at Tesco stores in Scotland became a nightmare when a stampede of people flooded stores looking for cheap beer.

It all started when a computer glitch took the ""buy three boxes of beer and save £11" promotion and turned it into "buy three boxes of beer for £11." The news of this error spread like wildfire on social networks and people descended on Tesco stores in droves.

The scene was described as bedlam with fights breaking out in parking lots, stampedes of people entering the stores and customers changing clothes so they could make several "beer" runs. Even the police had to be called to the Tesco store in Greenlock to manage the crowd. The retailer wouldn't say how much beer was sold before they could fix the error, but judging from the reports, there are a lot of happy customers enjoying cheap beer tonight. [BBC]

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