Blogsy For iPad

Blogsy For iPad

Any ol’ joe can set up a Tumblr or a WordPress and call themselves a blogger. It’s easy! But blogging from your iPad? Not easy. Blogsy for iPad makes it really easy to do. In fact, I wrote this post with it.

What is it?

Blogsy, $5.99, iPad. It’s a blogging tool for your iPad. Which means, it can replace your blog backend when you’re on the iPad. Why would you do that? Because Blogsy makes all the html formatting you need for blogging – bolding, italicising, linking and even adding pictures – a lot more iPad friendly. It works with both WordPress and Blogger blogs, so you can publish a post straight from the app.

What’s especially great about Blogsy is how it puts the tools you use for blogging at your disposal. There’s a ‘rich mode’, where you see what a post looks like, and a ‘write mode’, where you can see the HTML and backend. The top bar of Blogsy includes all the rich text editing you’d want and the right bar allows you to drag over pictures you have in your various social network sites.

Basically, it’s the best blogging tool you’ll find on the iPad.

Who’s it good for?

People who have blogs and iPads. People who travel with their iPads. People who like to write. People who are allergic to basic HTML.

Why’s it better than the alternatives?

Web tools just don’t translate as well on the iPad because a lot of times there just not made with a touch interface in mind. The wordpress app is solid at managing your blog but because Blogsy offers options like using Flickr and Picasa pictures along with easy linking of websites and videos from YouTube and more, it offers a more ‘true’ blogging experience. I think we can all agree that blogging is nothing without links, pictures and videos.

How could it be even better?

It’d be cool if you could export all the HTML code and email it or something. Support for even more blog platforms wouldn’t hurt it either. More photo editing options would make it even more powerful. Previewing what the post would look like on your site (and not just in rich mode) would be beautiful. A clipboard to jot notes down could be useful to brainstorm. Oh, a word counter wouldn’t hurt and support for more social networks and resources would be great too.

Blogsy for iPad [iTunes]