Australians Suffer Third Most Expensive Global Roaming Charges In The World

We all know that we get screwed by Telcos when using data while roaming overseas, but a new report from the OECD has proven just how bad it is - Australia is the third most expensive country, behind Japan and Chile.

Australian data roaming charges work out at an average of $12/MB, slightly behind the $13/MB Japanese roamers use. But as Dan Warne over at Australian Business Traveller points out, the Japanese have an option to buy 20MB/day for the equivalent cost of $US0.58/MB, something Australian telcos don't come close to.

What's worse, as Asher Moses points out in his story on the topic in the SMH, is that there is currently no method for Australian travellers to monitor their data usage while overseas, even if they purchase a prepaid data roaming pack.

The good news is that there are more and more options coming to market to avoid these exorbitant costs. AusBT has a great rundown of them here.


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