Astronomers Find Star Shooting 100m Amazon Rivers Of Water

Sky-looking researchers have found a star so aquatically powerful that's literally spraying the universe. The water-shooting star would have been better a cosmic hot tub for winter, however, as its streams are 100,000C.

So that's extremely hot water moving extremely quickly - and there's a galactic shit-ton of it. Don't worry, though, it's over 30 light years away.

The star, a baby "protostar" by universe standards, continues this space spraying process for thousands of years, creating shockwaves and accumulating puffy layers of dust around itself in the process. This entire thing makes me have to pee—pee shockwave-addled jets of fiery star water. And urine. [PhysOrg]

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    Ok, you have to pee... anything written on where or how that much H2O got there...?

    These 3d simulations are very pretty and all, but just once I'd like to see the actual image these researchers used to come to these conclusions.

    "The stream of gasses is about 180,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so the water is not liquid, but rather atoms of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, the building block of water. When it gets into space and the molecules interact with the dust surrounding the star, however, and the atoms probably combine to form water ice."
    From the linked article.

    Herm.. yes over 30 light-years and we can tell what particles there are.. because at that distance there cant be anything existing that we dont already know about..

    Maybe we could send someone to check it out!

    oh wait..

      oops, according to the link 150 light years away...


        Third times the charm..

          Regardless of whether it's 30 or 750 light years, you make a valid point.

      I'll just leave this here

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