Apple's New 'Design + Health' Kit: Even Employees Need To Be Thinner And Lighter

Kudos to ZDNETon this one. Thanks to designer Carl Jeffers, here is a look at the very internal campaign Apple has taken on in Cupertino to keep their design staff as slim and trim as their phones.

Now you have the Design + Health kit to keep you on track. We don't just design products. We design you!

With appropriate drink sizes in fun colours!

I tend to think running with two full mugs of tea is just an all-around bad idea.

Great! I always wondered about that. Thanks Apple! You're the best boss/overlord ever!

Now granted, keeping fit is important and can often take a backseat to more sedentary endeavours like design or writing about design. You might even laud Apple for taking it seriously enough to take the steps to address it. But I'm just not sure anyone needs to be taught how to walk. Post-It notes reminding you to eat a salad are kinda obnoxious. And doing coffee mug curls probably isn't gonna cut it. Even after you acknowledge that they at least have a sense of humor about it. I mean, just look at that poor guy up there. But I could be wrong.

For the full rundown and more design manual madness, head over to ZDNET!

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