Apart From The Lack Of Pizza, Life In Space Is Hard

The way our science fiction depicts life in space, you’d think you could do just about whatever you wanted. Well, apparently that’s very false. You can’t even have pizza in space. Or ice cream.

According to ABC News, pizza simply doesn't hold up in zero gravity. Neither does it freeze-dry or dehydrate very well. Meanwhile, there's no ice cream because there are no freezers. Which makes me wonder what we've been doing wrong that we haven't figured this out yet.

Also on the list of impossible things are doing your laundry (What must the International Space Station smell like??) and getting pregnant due to the dangers of intergalactic radiation. Terrifying.

Whether or not sex has occurred in space is still a big question mark, but NASA's official stance is that our astronauts are to comport themselves as nothing short of professional. The Russians on the other hand... [Motherboard]