All The Coolest Stuff Coming To The MoMA Design Store

All The Coolest Stuff Coming To The MoMA Design Store
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MoMA’s brilliance lies in collecting the most amazing ordinary things. Chairs that changed the world. Beautiful teapots. And their Design Store lets you take these specimens home – we checked out the newest acquisitions, and here are the best.

These Braun analogue alarm clocks aren’t new – they’re a re-issue of a gorgeous older design. What is new is their voice-control options – just say OFF to snooze, which is probably what you involuntarily shout at your alarm clock anyway. $US42

We already showed you some reissue Braun watches with pretty digital faces, but if you want something more retro (and still gut-punchingly chic), these analogue reissues are wunderbar. $US150

This table is made out of cardboard. This table costs $US1500. This table is designed by Frank Gehry. When read together, none of these sentences should be surprising.

Sure, this is just a pretty necklace. But it’s made out of reflective microbeads, which create a dazzling halo of light around your neck when you’re hit with a picture. Think of it as both an IRL Instagram effect and a paparazzi shield.

Humidifiers are ugly and stupid looking. This one isn’t! It’s also $US1800, but looks quite pretty, doubles as a gentle nightlight, and has a smooth reservoir that l lifts straight out of the top.

Headphone splitters are easy to lose because they’re tiny, and utterly forgettable as objects. The $US10 Branch splitter not only has three outputs but looks very nice. A must for any long bus ride you don’t want ending in a passenger homicide when people tire of your playlist. [MoMA Design Store]