Akihabara, Tokyo: Where Laptops Are Flicked Through Like Vinyl Records

There’s nowhere in the world quite like Akihabara, Tokyo’s geeky “Electric Town”. It’s like Taipei’s Guang Hua technology market—but everywhere—and with manga, porn, cosplay, and maid cafés thrown into the mix.

I spent some time there last week, and I’ll be posting some of the...stranger pics that I took about the place later this week. First challenge was getting there on the subway...

But coming out of the station, here's what you'll see:

Bonus pic! Android (branded as Android au—no relation to Australia) is being pushed big time over there. Still, candy bar flip phones are still noticably the most popular form factor.

Pics taken on the run with the iPhone 4. Used a free HDR app that because of the shutter delay, produced some weird (but kinda cool) time lapse-like effect in some cases.

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