Aeroplane Luggage Thief Smuggled Himself Inside Luggage

Aeroplane Luggage Thief Smuggled Himself Inside Luggage

I’m not sure whether this criminal scheme is brilliant or idiotic, but either way, it didn’t work. A Spanish man attempted to plunder valuables from airport bags by making himself one of those valuables, the BBC reports. This takes cojones.

The man was discovered after luggage handlers struggled to heft his unusually extremely heavy hiding spot along with the rest of the luggage. The rest of the luggage that didn’t have humans inside. Once suspicions were aroused, police noticed the bag was warm – a little too warm – revealing the headlamp-adorned thief, who had contorted himself like a circus star to fit inside.

Spanish cops believe the man and an accomplice are responsible for a rash of nipped items from passenger bags, so the national nightmare is likely over. It’s a shame the man didn’t use his talent for something more constructive and less illegal, like cleaning chimneys, or teaming up with that internet cat who’s always trying to squeeze into boxes. The duo would have been unstoppable.

[via BBC]

Photo: Shutterstock/Amy Tseng, Diagram by Francina Cortes/Alex R. Fischer