A List Of Beverages For The Drinking Man's Diet

Getdrunknotfat has a mission to keep you slim and trim while you drink yourself silly. The website painstakingly compiled the calories and calorie-to-alcohol ratio of many popular alcoholic beverages. All this wonderful data is organised in a searchable chart.

For those that are dying to find out, the drink with the best kick for its calories is Everclear. It may have a whopping 1800 calories for every 340 grams, but you only need a fraction of that amount to catch a buzz. On the other side of the chart is TGIF On the Rocks Mudslide which has a measly 10% alcohol level and a whopping 731 calories per 340 grams. At those levels, you would need more than one of these tasty drinks to get your fatty self tipsy. [Getdrunknotfat]


    I think the only reason why i have stayed so skinny and yet drunk so much, is that my nights out usually end in spewing. Lots of spewing. Sometimes in cabs, sometimes on cab drivers, sometimes on my flat mates cat. Better out than in i say...calories that is.

    Seeing more and more girls drinking Vodka and Water together.

    You converted from ounces to grams, from the original Gizmodo US article, but forgot to convert calories to kilojoules.

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