A List Of Beverages For The Drinking Man's Diet

Getdrunknotfat has a mission to keep you slim and trim while you drink yourself silly. The website painstakingly compiled the calories and calorie-to-alcohol ratio of many popular alcoholic beverages. All this wonderful data is organised in a searchable chart.

For those that are dying to find out, the drink with the best kick for its calories is Everclear. It may have a whopping 1800 calories for every 340 grams, but you only need a fraction of that amount to catch a buzz. On the other side of the chart is TGIF On the Rocks Mudslide which has a measly 10% alcohol level and a whopping 731 calories per 340 grams. At those levels, you would need more than one of these tasty drinks to get your fatty self tipsy. [Getdrunknotfat]

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