Will This 10-Inch 4G HTC Puccini Tablet Be Offered Soon By AT&T?

I think we can ascertain that yes, this leaked image of what's purported to be the HTC Puccini does indeed look like a tablet. According to leaksters, this 10-inch model will debut on AT&T's LTE network this June, though considering that's next month I wouldn't be surprised if we have to wait longer. Unless it's being announced today at Google's I/O conference...?

Supposedly it'll be running Honeycomb, and like HTC's first tablet, the Flyer, it will be compatible with the Scribe stylus for note-taking or sketching.

It's thought that the Puccini tablet might place music at its core, considering it's code-named after Giacomo Puccini, the Italian opera composer who wrote Tosca, La Boheme and Madame Butterfly amongst others. [Pocket-Now]

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