What Would You Save If Your House Were Burning Down?

Photographer Foster Huntington has been asking a question we all hope never to have to answer: if your house were burning down, what objects would you reach for first to take with you?

I honestly don't know what I'd got for (assuming everything alive had already cleared the danger zone). My laptop, maybe, since so many of my memories are on my hard drive. A painting someone gave me when I was 16. A few photographs. It's a tougher question than I realised when I started writing this post.

So what about for you? Assuming you've got ten minutes until your world goes up in flames, what's coming with you? [The Burning House via Core77]


    Off the top of my head, my backup drive and wedding photos (the box of which have some other items in there I'd rescue too, like my first published photo in Zoo magazine). Beyond that everything can be replaced.

    If I had any more time beyond those two, some prints off the wall, laptop & camera gear.

    10 minutes is a hell of a lot of time.

    If I was to rush around in a mad panic, I could save just about everything except furniture, and clothes.

    Backup drive, important documents, and sentimental itemss.

    Everything else is replaceable.

      This. Important documents, backups, sentimental items including some key photos.

    10 minutes? My pc(minus peripherals), 3 monitors, an armful of clothes, and the moggy.

    Everything I need is kept in my backpack (laptop, phone, portable hardvrive, chargers etc..). So if I had 10 minutes, I suppose I'd stuff as much valuable small things in as I could for som quick cash on hand over the next few weeks. Then get on my bike and leave.

    *My Mac time machine,
    *My xbox hard drive
    *My NikonD300s.

    If my house is burning down i wanna take photos of it. =)

      Hahaha =]

        good idea! proof to the insurance company. and after the house is burned down, a walk thru video.

    When my car caught fire and my apartment started filling with toxic smoke, I had no time to grab anything other than my phone.

    ten minutes? i wouldn't bother with anything, i'd just go and put the fire out. wouldn't be much of a fire if i still had (a safe) ten minutes.

    WD MyBook World Edition
    Big Family Photo
    Backpack (Laptop + PSP + DS)
    My Dog


    Dog > Laptop > Phone > HDDs.

    I know we're supposed to say 'photo albums', but thankfully my parents scanned everything going back 25 years last Christmas.

    I'm screwed. I have 30k of comics I would never be able to move in time.

    In the end it boils down to women and children first, then pets, photos, computer & back-ups, then I have this little chest of keepsakes I have been collecting since I was a kid. Don't want to lose that message in a bottle I got from my wife when we first were going out or that bunch of coloured mechanical pencil leads my dad pilfered from work for me.

    photo album, laptop and NAS.
    Like others, it's the content that you cannot replace that you'll wanna grab first.
    Pets included (guess the goldfish can stay behind though!)

    As former firefigher, I wouldn't count on having more than 60 seconds, if that, 10 minutes is very long time.

    It's the smoke that kills, not the flames.

    Count on any thing being left behind getting burnt or getting water damage or both.

    I have a go bag with important things in it, ready to go.

    GoldenEye64 cartridge. Everything's unlocked. I don't wanna have to go through that again!

      that game really was awesome.

    Pets and server. I'll let the other PC's burn. Need newer, faster ones anyway.

    The SD cards with our photos, and the cameras, so we can snap the apartment block burning down.

    First thing would probably be my computer's hard drive (it's in a caddy, instantly removable). That's probably the easiest thing. Beyond that though, I would struggle greatly. There's various creations in my room that I would like to save. There's also a pinball machine in there that I don't think would be too easy to replace (although a friend did mention he saw one like it recently, who knows if I could snag that later on). Otherwise there's just my expansive Nintendo collection, which I would really struggle to save. The thought of having to do that horrifies me.

    I would be fine. I have all my important data backed up to my folks place at home (via crashplan) and do a weekly backup to a portable HDD i keep in my car.

    I also have my music and recently used files saved to my Dropbox Account.

    All my Contacts/Photos/Mail/Calendar are saved to my google account (thank you Google Picasa, $5 year for 80gig storage).

    I would be a sad panda though if my media server got killed... that thing is like a tank, no way i could run it out of my apartment, especially with my buggered knees.

    Server > hard copy files > laptop.

    Everything else can be replaced.

    Nothing, I am insured and want all new stuff.

    OK maybe I would grab my 18TB NAS and hope for the best. Everything else is replaceable - I think.

    I live in an apartment with a faulty alarm system that goes off about once a month, and always at 2, 3 or 4 am (Always on the hour as well.) so I've had a fair bit of time to think this through.

    I have a back up hard drive which is constantly backing up my computer, and my phone is right next to my bed. Wallet is by the door. That's all that matters.

    Materials are replaceable, work (writing and music) is not.

    I need to get my stuff into the cloud...

    To the people saying 'my family' - read the article. OBJECTS, assuming everything LIVING was already saved. Can you people read at all?!

    As for me, I have a hard drive sitting on a little shelf on the back of my imac. Grab, run. Easy.

    Been there, done that. Lost everything, saved nothing. Turns out that the things we miss most are photos; photos of our kids growing up, family events, that sort of thing.

    So now you know!

    Every HDD, photo
    would be hard, but I could manage to grab all my lego, oh and my cat

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