What Came First? The WiiCar Or The GizMod?

Doing my daily browse through the awesomeness that is Kotaku, I was struck by something about the site’s posting of the WiiCar, a Toyota Scion with a Wii inside and Wii written all over the outside. It kind of reminded me of something pretty close to us here at Giz AU – the GizMod. Were Nintendo ripping off our idea?

Turns out, the answer is no. Nintendo gave its version of the GizMod Rukus (which is known as the Scion in the US) away in a promotion with Comedy Central about four years ago. The winner popped it on eBay, and the winner of that Auction is now selling the car again.

The car itself shares a few similarities with our beloved GizMod. It has a Wii installed instead of the PS3 we used, has five monitors inside and two DVD players. Instead of a vinyl wrap, the outside of the WiiCar is actually painted.

I guess the one thing that the discovery of the WiiCar shows is that the Toyota Rukus is a pretty solid car for pimping…

[Gamesniped via Kotaku]
[The GizMod]