This Week’s Top Web Comedy Video: Hipster Playlist

This Week’s Top Web Comedy Video: Hipster Playlist
Before we all float up into the air—get left behind to endure famine, plague, pestilence, and cable networks showing nothing but Ricki Lake Show episodeds on repeat—let’s use our remaining ours to make fun of hipsters. Aaaaahhhhh. Rapture.

The rest of the week’s top comedy videos can be found over at SplitSider, including a far-right Superman, a far-gone 90s sitcom parody, and far-off interrogation.

Other highlights from the week in comedy:

-It was upfronts week, so all the networks announced their new shows and schedules for this fall. We’ve got em all right here: NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, and Adult Swim.

Bridesmaids killed it at the box office, scored co-writer Annie Mumolo a TV deal and a movie deal.

-We talked about the personal politics of Parks and Rec.

The Daily Show got a new correspondent: Al Madrigal.

-We looked at the various ways that comedians transition into dramatic roles.

Norm MacDonald was on Conan and was as great as he usually is.

-We looked at the Lost Roles of Woody Allen.

-Some not-too-bright people thought The Onion was being serious about Planned Parenthood’s “Abortionplex.”

-We took a look at all of the extra-curricular comedic activities of the case of Mad Men.

-Jon Stewart was on The O’Reilly Factor. Here’s part one and part two.

We talked to Ben Schwartz, who played Jean-Ralphio on Parks and Rec.

-A guide to the people who’ve written some of the most classic sitcom theme songs.

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