This Is The Most Amazing Light Graffiti Video Ever

That light graffiti music video we featured earlier today? It's all-Australian, baby. The team from Melbourne creative company Oh Yeah Wow has taken the concept of painting with light to an amazing level, partnering with Melbourne musicians All India Radio, to create the music video for the band's song "Rippled" using long exposure photography and lots of light with an absolutely breathtaking end result.

The video took six months to shoot on a Canon 5D, but ws otherwise a relatively low tech shoot. Darcy Prendegast from Oh Yeah Wow explained the process of shooting the video:

Rippled, despite its appearance isn't that technology heavy. Obviously we've amalgamated a few techniques to capture our desired look, but they're all in camera. No compositing, no 3D, no motion capturing of cats. The only thing digital was the Canon 5D we shot on.

We got our hands dirty on the front lines for the rest.

The opening shot and closing shot required us to actually go waist deep and animate in a muddy, green water hole at 4am to bookend the piece. We encountered angry drunks hell bent on destroying our shots, we bumped into a naked man chroming from about 17 spray cans and a wide array of other roadblocks whilst taking the 10,000+ frames required. I actually didn't count them as we went though… So that could be a misleading figure.

At the end of the day, these were the kinds of stories that made production interesting. Usually we're in the relative comfort of the studio, manipulating stop motion puppets 25 times a second under controlled conditions. Its challenging to tackle the inherent problems of an untamed location- its liberating to not have to construct tiny chairs and tiny bottles and its nice to have the real world as your set.

We're extremely proud of the end product, stories and all.

Easily the best music video we've seen in a long time. Congrats to all Aussies involved.

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