This Guy's Wrist Is A Permanent Augmented Reality Game Board

Augmented reality is one of those "next big thing" ideas, popping up on smartphones and gaming consoles everywhere and promising to change the way we engage with the world. And now, thanks to the wonders of a tattoo artist, it's also on the wrist of an exceptionally passionate 3DS user.

The Nintendo AR card that has been permanently embedded in the wrist of CranberryZero of iheartchaos actually works, which is probably the most amazing aspect of the entire thing. That said, he does admit that the 3DS struggles to register the tattooed card in bright sunlight, and the tattoo may need some touching up to become completely usable.

The bigger question is what he plans on doing with it after the 3DS has been superseded by the next generation handheld and the AR function no longer works?

[IHeartChaos via Kotaku]

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