This Gross Corpse Is Not Osama Bin Laden's Cadaver

I know. You want to see the bloody bastard dead as much as I do. But, unfortunately, this terrible photo of a battered Osama Bin Laden is not the real thing. It's just a terrible Photoshop job.

It's obvious that the dead Osama image is based on the photo on the right. The bottom half is exactly the same, scaled and saved as a low quality JPEG several times in order to achieve the bad cameraphone look. The person who doctored the image then put it together with an anonymous corpse photo - which acts as the background - and made a bad job at clone stamping blood and bruises all over his face. The result is gross, but not convincing.

Keep this in mind: Whenever the US government releases a photo of Bin Laden, it will be crystal clear and probably come with his dental records too. Until then, I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of these Photoshop jobs. Clearly, people need closure.

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