This Big Ass DIY Camera Takes Pictures On 3 Foot Long Film

Darren Samuelson built himself a ginormous camera that he aptly named Darren's Great Big Camera. When fully extended, the camera is 6 feet long and shoots on 14×36-inch (35 x 91cm) negatives.

It's definitely an impressive piece of work, that required a lot of audibles, tweaking and patience. Samuelson started the project because he wanted to take pictures larger than 8x10 without going digital. The camera is using X-Ray film which is apparently much cheaper than regular film.

After a few trial and errors, it looks like Samuelson has found his groove and the pictures are starting to look great. Check out his Great Big Camera here. [Darren's Great Big Camera via MAKE]

I love how much work it takes to shoot a picture

He's getting there..

One of his first pictures that suffered from developing tank scratches to light leaks to spotting and so forth.

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