The White iPhone Is/Isn't Thicker Than The Black iPhone

At first we thought the white whale iPhone 4 was a fatty fatty fat fat compared to its black counterpart, but now Consumer Reports has whipped out the "lab-quality" callipers and says - gasp! - the two are exactly the same. BUT...

Engadget says otherwise! Scoffing at CR's scientific calliper test, which found the two colours to be exactly 0.376 inches thick, Engadget deployed the highly scientific "floating straw thing" test, which indicates the white version is a infinitesimally porkier. Is CR using defective callipers? Is Engadget's floaty straw thing bent? Should anyone give a shit? The only answer we can provide is to the last question, and the answer is no. [Consumer Reports and Engadget]

Calliper photo by Terry Sullivan, Consumer Reports

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