The PSN Is Finally Back Up In Australia

The PSN Is Finally Back Up In Australia

Just days before journalists around the world began calling Sony’s PSN FUBAR a “month-long” outage, Sony has finally managed to flick the switch back to the on position on the online gaming and Qriocity sections of its PSN service.

Not all aspects of the service are online – the Playstation Store hasn’t been switched back on yet. There are also reports that the service is struggling to cope with the demand of people all over the world switching on their PS3s to see if they can play Call of Duty online again.

We’re also waiting to discover the details of the “Welcome back” package Sony has promised its customers around the world, although it’s destined to include games and services. What free stuff would make you forget the past month of not being able to play online?

UPDATE: So it seems that the service is back down again, probably under the strain of millions of PSN users rushing to get back online at once (as we mentioned above). We’ll keep you updated as the day progresses.

UPDATE 2: I know some people are extremely frustrated by the network not working at the moment, but remember that just because the PSN isn’t working, it doesn’t mean you can be a douche in the comments. By all means, voice your opinion, but keep away from personal attacks and trolling.