The PS3’s New Headphones Look Awesome

The PS3’s New Headphones Look Awesome

Headphones. You’ve seen one pair you’ve seen them all. Unless they’re Sony’s new official wireless PS3 headphones, in which case, they look different, and great as a result.

The standard headphone design of “buds and band” is dominated by two massive panels over the earpieces, one there to hide the microphone which can retract within, the other to… balance things out and keep the whole thing looking sharp.

The headphones promise 7.1 sound, are wireless via Bluetooth connectivity and will have complete on-screen displays for stuff like battery levels and sound controls. How good that all works in practice we’ll have to wait until September to find out, as they won’t be released until then.

And when they are, they’ll be $US100.

Republished from Kotaku