The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

The iPhone Apps Everyone Should Have April 2011

The end of the month is here, and that means it’s time to do a little housekeeping on our list of the absolute best iPhone apps. Who will be inducted? Who will unceremoniously get the boot?


Photosynth: It’s a free-wheeling panorama photography app by Microsoft. With Photosynth, you just just spin around, fire away and let Photosynth stitch the picture together. Free.[imgclear]


Seamless: Paired with a free app in the Mac App Store, Seamless can fade out a song you’re playing in iTunes on your desktop and fade in that same song on your iPhone’s iPod app (you have to have the file on both). So you never have to stop listening to music. $2.49.[imgclear]

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP: A game that’s an epic experience. One part 8-bit graphics, one part beautiful original music, one part adventure, and one part RPG combine for a game that’s essentially about exploring and brings your childlike wonder back. $5.99.[imgclear]

Wi-Fi Photo Transfer: Wi-Fi Photo Transfer brings photos from your iPhone to your computer (not the other way around) and is super easy to use. Just fire up the app, plug in an address in your computer’s browser and pick and choose which iPhone pictures you want to bring over. Easy. Free.[imgclear]