Swap It Don't Stop It App Will Turn You Into A Balloon Man, Or Something

Hey Australia! You're fat. And lazy. Which is why the federal government has pumped bucketloads of cash into its latest health campaign, "Swap it, don't stop it". And now to try and get your overweight backside to jump on board, there's an app for iOS that offers swapping hints to tray and help you lose the pudge.

The free app offers a heap of pre-selected 'swaps' to try, as well as using your iPhone's GPS to locate nearby activities to help you battle the bulge. Over 12 weeks, the app will track your progress and award you badges as you tell it you've swapped things for a healthier alternative.

The cynic in me says that any government endorsed iPhone app isn't going to succeed in changing people's bad habits, but the optimist in me thinks that it's good to see the generally backwards-thinking government actually engaging with new technologies to try and get people to help themselves when it comes to their health. Considering it's a free app, at least we can take solace that Apple aren't taking a 30% cut of our tax-funded battle with obesity.


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