So, Who Gets A New Samsung Galaxy S II?

So, Who Gets A New Samsung Galaxy S II?

Wow. I mean really, wow. Either the Samsung Galaxy S II is the hottest smartphone since Apple unveiled the iPhone, or a lot of you are just hanging out on Giz to get yourself free stuff. Either way, there were some seriously impressive entries to this comp. Unfortunately though, we only have three phones to give away.

Firstly, a note to everyone who destroyed their phones in order to try and win the Galaxy S II – I’m sorry, but you didn’t win. I hope you have a backup phone on hand…

Now, on to the winners.

It's amazing how much effort you guys put into some of your entries. As such, all three winners submitted videos with their entries. So, without further ado, here are the winners:




And finally, Spik3balloon

This was easily the most difficult competition I've ever had to judge. Congrats to the winners - I'll be in touch soon!