Shooting Challenge: Just 4 Airport Shots

Shooting Challenge: Just 4 Airport Shots

Airports can make for fascinating photography, but it takes extra skill to get a good shot without stirring the attention of the AFP. Unsurprisingly, just four Gizmodo readers took a stab at this week’s shooting challenge. Check out the results below.

Phil Burnham

I took this tonight (Monday) in the pissing rain, drove a round trip from Manly, just to get a photo into this week's challenge. I must be nuts. Taken on a 5D MkII, 27-70mm @ 42mm, f/11, 30secs, ISO 100. Cold. Wet. Miserable.

Hamish Watson

I work in Sydney but family, girlfriend and so on are all in Melbourne. I took this while waiting for my flight back north on Sunday night. I like the contrast of the cold and wet tarmac and the last 3 planes to leave Melbourne, and the warmth of inside with the reflection in the window. Not a brilliant picture by any stretch but I like what it represents to me.

Steve Meller

iPhone 4, ISO 80, 3.5MM, f/2.8, 1/24s

Essendon Airport, Airport West, Australia

It was a wintery mid May Sunday overcast afternoon, cold, windy and light was fading fast, far from the best conditions to shoot a great photo. I was out shopping with the Girlfriend, and was driving past Essendon Airport. I did a lap of the car park to find some planes, took a few shots looking across the runway to the city, but nothing great. Then, my last shot of the day, the photo submitted! The sun was setting and a ping hue was reflecting from the clouds. If you look closely, you can see the Eureka Tower!

Wade Rothwell

Camera = Nikon D300s
ISO 1000
[email protected]

This was taken at midnight at Sydney Airport. This cargo plane was over near the 'Hawker' private jet parking (im guessing for over night parking). I took this photo through the fence and was absolutely petrified while doing it, as i was dressed in a dark hoodie and dark pants. I was thinking i was gonna get nabbed for suspicious behaviour. But i spent about 2 hours walking around the perimeter of the airport and not once saw any security.