Samsung's New Galaxy Smartphone Only $528 Outright!

The Samsung Galaxy S II is due to launch soon and geeks everywhere are salivating for local release information. But before we get that, Samsung has decided to give us another Galaxy branded phone first. The Galaxy Ace is launching exclusively on Telstra for $0 on a $59 cap, or $528 outright.

The Ace has a 3.5-inch HVGA display, 5MP camera and 800MHz processor powering Android 2.2. It will come with Navigon's navigation software pre-installed, and has interchangeable white and black rear covers to keep kids entertained for hours.

But honestly, this probably isn't the Galaxy smartphone you're looking for. It's the Galaxy phone you buy for your mum if you don't want to get her an iPhone.


    Oh gawd... How long before Apple release their inner hero on this one?

      what do you mean?
      That belief that Samsung copied iPhone was already dealt with on giz a while back
      all the galaxy series phone are based of the F700 phone which came out before iPhone...


      LOL Pwned.

    Almost had a heart attack when I saw the post title and thought it meant Galaxy S 2.

      Then my work here is done ;-)

        Bastardo! Had me fooled too. I'm too gullible for the interwebs.

      Mee too, seing I just paid $508 for a HTC Incredible

    If you're already in the market, just order an SGSII from the UK. Without question the best handset I've ever laid my hands on.

    lame, more expensive but not comparable to the incredible S

    *sigh* you got me too with the title. Any news on when the GS2 is coming here, it's always "soon". I need to get it on a plan so UK isn't an option and I'm dying to get rid of Vodafone...

      The media launch is next Thursday. I'm sure I'll have more info for you then :)

    Sigh, was already grabbing my credit card when I saw this wasn't the Galaxy S II... Blue balled me Broughall.

    SGII is the king now.

    "Samsungs next phone great price!"

    ps. it's not the one you want, it's a crappy low model phone.

    If you want a phone with 2009 specs, then go for this. Otherwise, get an unlocked Galaxy S for $409 from clove in the UK. The choice is obvious.

    This is a $300-$350 phone at best and that's the going rate on Grey import sites.

    It's a good phone, but it's not a $528 phone, sorry Telstra.

      Telstra over-prices everything they get, they introduced the Galaxy Tab at almost $1k and funnily enough, it didn't sell.

        To be fair, the $999 RRP of the Galaxy Tab was set by Samsung.

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