Rumours, Signs And Portents Point To May 3 iMac "Sandy Bridge" Refresh

The dwindling iMac stock we talked about earlier in the week does in fact appear to be related to a refresh, as further reports all but indicate a change is coming—and could arrive as early as next week.

The refresh is allegedly internal, with Intel’s latest Core processor line, called Sandy Bridge, set to debut inside the iMac, possibly on May 3. Screen size and the rumoured inclusion of the 6000-series AMD Radeon HD chip could not be confirmed in this latest round of rumours and may not make the cut, notes AppleInsider.

Also seeing a swap would be the miniDisplay ports, which would be eliminated in favour of Apple’s new Thunderbolt port. No real surprise there.

Rounding out the rumours for this fine Sunday is talk of a “visual night” that’s scheduled for Apple retails stores. Typically, Apple will use these nights to prep a store for the launch of a new product the following day. Removing old stock, changing the signature wood tables around, adding in new product—you get the idea. If you want the latest iMac, you should probably wait just a little bit longer before plunking down that cash. “A little longer” in this case is looking to be May 3. [AppleInsider]