Pipe Bomb Found In Ireland Before The Queen’s Visit

Queen Elizabeth II is visiting Ireland, a momentous occasion that’s supposed to signal reconciliation of the two countries. But not everyone is happy! Just hours before the Queen arrived, a pipe bomb was found on a bus headed to Dublin.

The bomb was in the luggage compartment of a bus headed straight for the capital and was discovered only because of an informant. Irish police has also found a harmless, bomb-looking device at a tram station in North Dublin and London has responded to another bomb threat in their city. None of this is good. The UK and Ireland have a lot o’ history with each other, but let’s hope nothing happens during the Queen’s visit.

Also, our own POTUS is going to visit Ireland early next week. Those two high profile visits, and their need for high security, is going to cost Ireland $US42.4 million. Oof. [NY Times]