"Phased" Restoration Of PlayStation Network Begins This Week

"Phased" Restoration Of PlayStation Network Begins This Week

If you haven’t completely abandoned the PlayStation Network for good following the massive data breach and leak of user information that’s slowly, painfully come to light over the past couple of weeks, take note of this story!

Late last night, you see, at about 1 a.m. EST, Sony’s Kaz Hirai took the stage in Japan to offer a continuous stream of apologies, network freebies, 30-day free subscriptions, free software and a timetable for when users can expect the service to come back online.

While the timetable is still a bit hazy (“soon” says Hirai), users should expect to see basic service resume by the end of this week.

I don’t own a PS3, so was unaffected by this mess (Xbox and Wii, if you must know), but I’m curious to see how many people are still smarting form this, and whether or not a return of service even means anything at all.

Editor’s Note: Even more info, a full timeline of the events since April 20 and commentary over at our sister site, Kotaku. [Kotaku]