Optus Loses Court Case Against Vodafone's Infinite Plans

Oh, the hilarity! Last year, in a barely contained hissy-fit of Telco proportions, Optus took Vodafone to court over misleading advertising in its "infinite" mobile cap plans, to try and make itself feel better after being spanked by the ACCC for falsely advertising "unlimited" broadband for plans that had data caps. This week, Optus has been ordered to pay Vodafone's costs for the lawsuit.

Optus felt that because they'd been pinged for misleading advertising, Vodafone should be too, so decided to pursue legal action. This week, Justice Arthur Emmett decided that Vodafone weren't in the wrong, and ordered Optus to pay costs. Vodafone, for its part, decided to update its advertising anyway, which Optus is apparently counting as a win.

Seriously, the only people who really won here are the lawyers, who get paid ridiculous amounts to watch big companies point the finger of blame in our court system.


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