Oh Great: Now Your TV Can Call You Fat

Everyone knows how closely correlated TVs and weight gain are. You know—looking ten kilos heavier on TV, gaining weight because you watch too much TV. Now, your TV can also tell you how fat you are. Wonderful.

It works through a partnership between companies Withings and Panasonic: Withings' WiFi Body Scale wirelessly records and tracks your body weight—and the body weight of up to eight other fat ones in your household—and beams it to its iPhone app, WiScale. After this data on body weight, lean and fat mass, and calculated body mass index (BMI) has been uploaded, you can get one-button access to it on the dashboard of your TV. As long as it's Panasonic. A Panasonic that has Viera Connect. They start at $US990, and Withing's WiFi Body Scale is $US160 on their site. [Withings; iTunes]

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