NBN Co Is Stoked About That German Data Transfer Record

If you needed any indication that fibre is a broadband infrastructure for the future, look no further than this morning's story that German researchers managed to transfer data at 26 terabits per second over a single fibre cable. NBN Co certainly feel vindicated in their choice of a fibre network.

According to a statement from NBN Co's Chief Technology Officer, Gary McLaren:

“Tests such as this just go to show just why a fibre-enabled National Broadband Network is the best infrastructure for Australia’s future. The amount of data people are transferring across communications networks, especially video transmissions, is increasing all the time. As fibre optic technology improves, so too will speeds and the amount of data that can be carried over the network we are building today. This gives us confidence that we’re delivering the right communications infrastructure to sustain our nation for decades to come.”

With the potential for speeds to get faster as technology improves, it's a wonder that anyone can argue that fibre isn't the best possible solution for a national broadband network.



    LOL, you're technophobes, ludites and basic populist cretins like Abbot will argue on regardless.

    To get even close to that sort of thing with wireless is amazingly more expensive, so our NBN-deniers will say "aww, but you'd never need it mate, the NBN is too expensive for us"... They argue on the insane premise that our technology usage needs at this moment will be exactly the same as that years from now so it's best to stick with our substandard patchwork of crap that we currently get by on. Their hold out hope is that wireless will magically get a lot better than it is now- disregarding the fact that even if it did, fibre cable will still be far better because the same tech will improve at the same rate and fibre is physically superior.

    It will be, until the next technological advance. It's always the wame when buying anything, there's always something better just around the corner, but you have to purchase some day. It took balls to go ahead with it, and credit where it's due.

    A big "up yours" to those against it that sit there trolling for their daily whinge on their high speed connections while many people can't even connect, or do so at phenominal prices.

      Not convinced Bob; what is faster than light? Nothing in this universe! Technological advances will only be at the ends of the fibre optic cable and will therefore be available to the NBN.

        Well there is paired quantum particle linkages. But I have a feeling the government will just complacently ignore faster than light physics no matter how important faster kitten videos turn out to be for our future....

    Its just a shame that our network is built by Australians and not the incredibly efficient Germans. Thats where the differences are.

    And with a government owned (later privately owned) monopoly over the fibre network, there will be no incentive for NBN Co to introduce this kind of technology.

    Give me fibre... to the home... and I will be happy. Spend NOW and do it right FIRST TIME.

    My grandson works for NBN Co and ever since he started he always seems to be getting his prince Albert infected?

    Tomorrow you will probably have the liberals saying that they know of tests where they can do this with copper wire.

    Only time wil judge if Fibre is the right decision. U could also argue that before we really begin rolling fibre out technology is bounding along, therefore what other leaps and bounds are going to be made in other (or new) technologies in the years ahead.

    26 Terabits per second....it’s a wonder that anyone can argue that fibre isn’t the best possible solution for a national broadband network.

    Anyone except Malcolm Turnbull.
    Re-living in his Ozemail dialup glory days. LOL.

      We had a riot in Canberra on Australia day, Kevin Rudd s going to challenge trmoroow and the Audit dept (whoever they be) thinks some claims need a little more backup.Ya sure. Wake me up when you lot are willing to report stuff that is actually happening.

    26 terabits per second? sweet cthulhu!

    It's not just unparallelled bandwidth, fiber also brings stability and latency you can't get with radio or even copper.

    Wow, cool to hear a response from the NBN.

    26 TERABITS?.....That's like, host advantage for all 32 players on Battlefield 3.

    @Oceanzone: "LOL, you’re technophobes, ludites and basic populist cretins like Abbot will argue on regardless."
    Clearly this is a considered technical evaluation from a well-qualified individual - NOT!
    Self-evidently, from the success of modulation technology in speeding up (get this!) dial-up modems that the same methods can be applied to ANY medium which can carry digital data. Equally obviously this considerably lowers the physical size and hence cost of trunk connections which supply backhaul capacity and where there really is an almost infinite demand.
    That, however, has virtually nothing to do with whether every single house in Australia needs 26Gb at its front door so the householder can elect to pay for 20 or 30Mb.
    The issues to do with NBN relate to cost-effectiveness; the time value of money; what is reasonably needed in the foreseeable future and how best to implement it. It is these latter issues which Conroy, for political reasons, seeks to obscure with clouds of emotional hot air

    Only problem people is you are going to have to pay for it and you will be paying big time, I agree with ChrisW does every single household need it, no they do not.

      If you dont need it stay on dial-up then, the NBN NTU comes standard with two RJ12 sockets.

      But Sue, if you don't have it but the dump next door does, guess who's gonna get more money for their house? If people buying your house would need to then payout money to wait for someone to come along and run the fibre to the house and install the box they aren't going to be interested when they can get it almost immediately. This is why it's being rolled out and installed to every property.

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