Magic Piano Comes To The iPhone For Free

Magic Piano, the uber popular instrument app on the iPad, is finally available for the iPhone and it's going to be free. It's made by Smule, the peeps behind Ocarina, I am T-Pain, Glee Karaoke, and the app is a similar, albeit shrunkified, experience - like piano playing re-imagined.

You can play along with popular classical music or just plain popular songs by tapping on falling light beams, freestyle a little in solo mode with three different keyboards, and listen to people play with Magic Piano all across the world. It's all super easy and for some reason, feels natural. It's totally a fun little instrument app to have around but only comes with 3 preloaded songs to play along with, so every other song requires purchasing via Smoola (the app's digital currency you buy through in-app purchases). The songs are fun to play, but that seems like a lot to ask of people, it'd be super awesome if you could use your iPod tracks instead. [Magic Piano]

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