Logitech Serves Up Tablet Accessories. So Many Tablet Accessories.

Tablets do much on their own, but there are times when you need more from them, especially with audio and typing. Logitech, esteemed maker of all things tech accessory-related, offers up a humble—but functional—collection of tablet accessories.

Wireless speakers, keyboards, mice (for Honeycomb 3.1), cases, keyboard cases, cases for your keyboards, speakers for your cases, keyboards for your speakers, etc. Drum up any possible permutation of these accessories in your head and you'll probably find it in this collection. The keyboard sells for $US70, the mouse for $US50, and both the speaker and iPad keyboard case sell for $US100. [Logitech via Ubergizmo]



    proves how pointless the ipad really is. (i do own one).

    Here is an idea, buy a laptop! Cheaper , faster & more productive.

      i wont hate on just Apple, add all arm powered slates/tablets to the list.

      Why did you buy an iPad if you already knew it would be pointless and you could have bought a laptop instead? Surely you must have known what the iPad was, and it's limitations before purchasing it? (particularly as you're a Giz regular). Or are you just rich and buy everything? :)

      Pointless if you have no use for it. Obviously you don't know the whole iPad concept.

      You should learn and understand what you are buying, maximize the full potential for your "own" use.

      Purchasing a device you think is "pointless" is pretty ironic.

      Now these keyboard accessories are pretty nifty things. Again, at the end of the day it is just an "accessory". And looks pretty good.

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