Legendary Skater Tony Hawk Joins Rapture Bomb Armageddon

Legendary Skater Tony Hawk Joins Rapture Bomb Armageddon

So, the world didn’t end. Sort of anticlimactic, no? But the apocalyptic letdown didn’t stop you guys from pulling off some fantastic rapture bombs. We’ve got another batch of our favourite bombs – plus super grindmaster Tony Hawk rapturing himself.

Hawk’s adorable daughter doesn’t seem too thrilled that her dad got sucked up to the great half pipe in the sky. And right before he was probably about to do something really cool! It’s OK, Little Hawk. Your dad’s legacy will live on inside my Dreamcast.

Tony wasn’t the only celeb to disappear – although David Copperfield vanishing shouldn’t really surprise anyone.

It must really suck to have your two friends raptured while you sit on a park bench, contemplating swift destruction.

You, miss, must have been a really terrible mother.

Really? End of the world, and you’re sitting on a swing by yourself? That’s pretty depressing.

This dude wanted to pull off some Tony Hawk stunts, but the apocalypse got him first. That looks like it would have been a painful landing!

Golly, that sucks. You won the lottery, and now you’re not going to be around to spend it. Lucky for you, LCD TVs are free in Heaven.

Ugh, yeah, OK, we know you were going to be saved, priest. No need to gloat!

Aren’t you a little short to be raptured?


This also looks like a particularly painful way to get picked up.

At the buzzer!

No need to exercise anymore, buddy! You’ll have the body you always wanted in paradise.

Sorry, Naruto cosplay will not be allowed in Heaven.

You thought a train could help you escape salvation? Hah.

Another skater snatched up. Jesus loves skaters, even when they have very dirty socks.

This might be just me, but if I were anticipating my last moments on earth, I wouldn’t spend them doing backyard chores.

Again – chores before the end of the world? How urgently did that trash need to be taken out?

Oh you know, just sitting alone at the bus stop. The upshot is, I’m going to escape the destruction of the world. So long, suckers.

We’ll never know the results of this raptured scientist’s work. What if it was a cure for herpes? Ugh.

This strikes me as really romantic. Y’know, just sitting on the couch, spending the last minutes alive together, watching Real Housewives or something. We’re really going to miss our leopard throw blanket.