'Human Ashtray' Kills A World Record 70 Cigs On His Tongue

A man with a gravely voice and a cigarette addiction is an unlikely dude to spread the anti-smoking gospel. But stuntman Ritchie Magic - a smoker of 40 years - put out 70 cigarettes on his tongue, for fame and health.

Health! Health!, you might say. What this man's doing is disgusting! And he's a hypocrite! Richie will admit that his message might come out as mixed, but he wants to use his spectacle as a warning to kids: "I put the message to the kids before my own health," he explains. "Smoking is disgusting and terribly addicting." And what better way to illustrate this than by horrifically stuffing handfuls of lit cigarettes into your mouth and then spitting them out within 60 seconds? The gross-out tactic often works! [AOL Weird News]

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