How To Respond To Facebook Birthday Wishes

Today is my birthday. Yeah! But unlike when I turned 18 (old enough to bet the ponies) or when I turned 21 (duh), I don't really care. And like many of us on our *special days*, I'm getting a lot of love on facebook: from old friends, family members, professional contacts - that random guy whose friend request I accepted while drunk and who now invites me to "ragers" almost every weekend.

It's actually quite touching, and I totally appreciate it. But also: a puzzle. How do you properly acknowledge all of this good will? Unless you have like four friends, answering each post is a losing proposition.

OPTION 1: THE BLANKET THANKS You see this one all the time. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. It really means a lot to me. There is nothing wrong with this approach. It's the easiest practical way to genuinely thank everyone for their thoughts. And frankly, it's your birthday; you shouldn't have to sit around all freaking day responding to facebook posts. You should be getting DRUNK. Because you're old now, and every year brings a new kind of pain. DROWN IT OUT WITH CHEESEBURGERS AND WHISKY.

OPTION 2: POST A PHOTO A nice compromise between the blanket thank you and something more personal, posting a photo is a great way to share what you're doing with all of your friends. You know, bring them into the celebration using the tools of the modern Internet. You can even hold up a sign with a personalised message. (See above.)

OPTION 3: DO NOT RESPOND Some say that publicly thanking everyone on facebook is just a covert attempt to lure in a few extra last-minute birthday wall posts. Not the most hopeful theory, but it might be true in some cases. But you wanna know something that's definitely true? Nobody really cares if you don't holla back at them for their birthday salutations. Think about it: Do you sit around refreshing your feed, waiting for a response every time you post a birthday wish? No. You finish your coffee, and put on some pants. Silence is a totally acceptable option.

OPTION 4: WRITE A POST ON A POPULAR WEBLOG AND DEDICATE IT TO YOUR FRIENDS Some would call this *abuse of power*, but the only person at Gizmodo with the authority to tell me what to do is presently on holidays. So I'm gonna do what I want. This post is for all my friends and family. I seriously love you guys, and don't know what I'd do without you.



    Happy Birthday !!!!

    Happy Birthday.

    Also, what I have noticed is that people tend to go through and click 'like' on all of the comments. This only takes a minute or two and it's a good way to let everyone know you read an appreciate their message.

    Great post. I go with the silence option, otherwise I have to return the favor.

    I don't use fb

    Option 5) Disable the ability for people to write on your wall, so nobody knows if you have any birthday wishes (they've got to send them by private message) and even then, disable showing what your birthday/date is.

    I get seriously pissed off by blanket "this persons birthday is coming up!" reminders. If people actually care, they know when my birthday is and will take a more personal approach than posting to me on FB.

      Do you think people remembered when your birthday was 20 years ago because they liked you so much?

      No, they probably had a little black book with all their friends birthdays written down.

      Move with the times grandpa and stop pretending people used to care more.

    Option 6: Rather than answer each wish in writing, flick down the wall just liking each birthday wish - this seems to be the new way people I know are doing things.

    I think if people are going to take the time to wish you a happy birthday they all deserve a thank you.
    Yeah sure it takes a while but I think its piss weak when someone just does a blanket post, its totally impersonal and well shallow.

    My friends are worth replying to individually.

    Thanks for that timely advice, I will enjoy the cheeseburgers and Whisky with you in mind tonight while I celebrate.........

    My approach is...

    #1 Random "happy birthday" post = no comment

    #)If someone takes the time to write a very personal message, post a video or link, or donate money to my bday wish cause = respond with a "like" or quick reply

    stop posting birthday wishes on facebook

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