How To Grind Meat For 240,000 Burgers In One Hour

How To Grind Meat For 240,000 Burgers In One Hour

I love cheeseburgers. But people like Eric Schlosser and Upton Sinclair have to ruin everything, forcing me to consider where my burger came from. So I had to ask: What’s the most powerful meat grinder in existence?


Depending on who you ask, you may get different answers. But the 2300kg Dominator 14 grinder by Weiler is one of the (if not the) most bad-ass meat grinders out there. It has a pre-grinding capacity of up to 2000 pounds of meat per minute. (Pre-grinding is the first stage to making any delectable burger patty). That’s one ton of meat every minute – or about four cows’ worth of meaty meatness every 60 seconds.

Let’s say a typical (non-fast food) burger is around 227g, and this thing’s 100-horsepower engine chews through and regurgitates 54,000kg of meat in an hour. That’s 240,000 patties, faster than even Takeru Kobayashi could eat them. Meat party!

If beef’s not your thing, don’t worry. It cuts up pork and poultry, too. On second thought, ick. [Weiler, Image credit: inxti/Shutterstock]

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