Hands-Free Case For Playing Your iPad Music On Stage

Carrying your iPad, hands free, usually just means throwing it in your bag. But with the shoulder-strapped Trubador iPad case, you can skip the bag and still use your iPad on the go.

The Trubador, currently awaiting Kickstarter pledges, was designed with musicians and other limelight-seekers in mind. It's made to hook up to your guitar strap, using two industry standard buttons and mimicking how you'd actually hold your axe on stage. But the real innovation? Trubador is built at an angle; rather than sitting flush against your body, the tablet tilts up so you can see it during your gig.

I don't know how many guitar players are really looking to bring their iPads on stage (I mean, they can play actual guitar, right?), but this is still a great concept. Especially because it's not just for guitarists; Trubador would probably equally benefit someone who's mixing or doing some synth-craziness on stage, too.

It also does all the standard stuff you expect out of an iPad case; you can prop it up for movie-watching and keyboard-typing - although the latter didn't look too comfortable, wrist-wise. The $US40 price tag seems pretty reasonable, considering Apple's entry-level Smart Cover goes for the same price, but let's see you try to strap that over your shoulder. Actually, scratch that - I don't want to be blamed for convincing you to break your iPad screen. [Kickstarter via Wired]

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