Google’s New Quiz Site Challenges Your Google Powers

Google’s New Quiz Site Challenges Your Google Powers

It’s 2011 and none of us have to go to university, or even high school, or really pass beyond a 5th grade reading level, because Google is a terrific brain-crutch. But how well can you crutch along the knowledge trail?

A Google a Day is Google’s Googly attempt to test your Google prowess. Google. It works like this, champ: each day, the site poses a question. A question that can be answered via Google! A puzzle, of sorts. For example: “Lonesome George’s chances of being a dad improved because two ladies moved to his island. Where exactly did they move from?”

The Google solution? “Search [Lonesome George]to find out he’s a Pinta Island tortoise. A search for [Lonesome George’s two mates]will reveal they recently relocated from the island of Española.”

But some are trickier, requiring the use of Maps, Street View and other Googly services. The neatest part? The site runs on a custom, bizarro world version of Google, in which the site itself never existed. So blog posts (like this one) can’t spoil the solutions. They call it Deja Google. Does that mean opening the site will split the space-time continuum? Will this post cease to exist? Will I disappear? The metaphysical implications of this site are astounding. Let’s also marvel at the fact that it was someone’s job to come up with something this cool.

So anyway, see how you measure up, Google Hot Shot. Make sure to play Danger Zone while you tackle each question. Don’t have a copy? I’m sure you can google yourself a pirated link. [Google]

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Update: Gizmodo readers Arbron and MifuneT bring up an interesting possibility!

Google’s New Quiz Site Challenges Your Google Powers