Do You Have An Email You Really Don't Want To Write? Hire Someone To Write It For You!

ShameBeGone is a hilarious service that helps people with their email etiquette. Like if you forgot to reply to an email two months ago but need to respond now. Or you want to break up. Or start an affair.

ShameBeGone is the brainchild of Choire Sicha, co-founder of The Awl, and Entertainment Weekly senior writer Sara Vilkomerson and there's a purposeful I-can't-believe-this-exists-ness to the project but hey, some emails really do require the perfect tact, tone, vocabulary and comma usage. Outsourcing the stress to the professionals is good! You just hop on their website, tell them about the situation, offer money and they'll send you a draft you can paste over and send.

ShameBeGone self-described specialties:

We handle end-of-relationship fall-out, missed connections, difficult RSVPs, overdue condolence notes. We address long-lost pals, best friend's ex-boyfriends, family members, low-grade stalkers, people who owe you money, people to whom you owe money-almost anything and anyone.

You name your own price and if you read The Awl, you know you're getting a damn good deal. [ShameBeGone via]

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