Daft Punk, Mashed Up And Visualized

Mashups kind of suck. Correction - they completely suck. But still, when someone takes 23 Daft Punk songs and provides a vizualised, infographicky, animated look at how each separate song fits into the equation, it's hard not to love that.

The visualiser works on two levels: on top is a series of concentric rings that shows each song (with title) layered on top of each other as they enter the mix, and each pulses and oscillates accordingly to the music. Then below, is a timeline, which has markers representing the length of each clip, which is colour coded and stacked in order of appearance. Oh, and it's all CSS and HTML5!

It's pretty cool, and all things considered, could have been much worse. Imagine having to listen to 23 clips from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Kid Rock. [Anatomy of a Mashup via TheManInBlue via Infosthetics via CoolHunting]

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