BigPond AFL Game Analyser Lands On Samsung Smart TVs

If there's one thing that really showcases the awesomesauce of IPTV, it's sports. And one of the best examples of that is BigPond's Game Analyser, which lets you watch NRL or AFL matches either in their entirety or via key moments of the match. Samsung Smart TV owners can now enjoy both NRL and AFL Game Analyser on their televisions, with the latter launching on Samsung Apps today.

The app is free, and offers viewers the chance to watch and analyse games from both the 2010 and 2011 AFL seasons, with matches going live within about 12 hours of being played. As well as watching the entire match you can also view key moments like goals, marks, tackles and bloopers.

Considering its free - outside of data usage of course, which is unmetered for BigPond customers - it's easily the best way to watch the sport outside of being at the game.

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