The Asus PadFone Tablet Looks Like It Really Is Just A Big Phone

The idea of powering a larger screen using a smartphone's processor isn't exactly new - Palm had the idea a while back with the maligned Foleo concept, and Motorola has expanded on it with the Atrix, but the Asus Padfone, which is set to be announced at Computex this week, looks like it's taken one of the biggest criticisms of tablets - that they are just large phones - and turned it into a feature.

The guys at Pocketnow have some exclusive pics of the device before its official announcement tomorrow, which shows an Asus phone being consumed by the tablet. A small hole in the protective cover indicates that the tablet will also use the phone's camera, reducing the number of parts and indicating some pretty clever integration between the two components.

Obviously there'll be more news from Computex tomorrow, including a full spec rundown, but if you want to see more pics, head over to PocketNow via the link below.


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