Artist Turned Typewriter Into This Sculpture Of Your Grandpa

What with all the recent buzz about the death of the typewriter — that turned out to be super false — artist Jeremy Mayer went ahead and created this piece, Bust V (Grandfather), to comment on the hullabaloo.

Mayer is no stranger to repurposing typewriters for his decidedly badass sculptures. However, this piece in particular tries to embody the typewriter as a proud, if aged, medium.

The initial inspiration for the piece was that I wanted to create a self-portrait in my old age. I wanted to say something about aging, transition (particularly transition into new technology), and the place of the personal mechanical machine in modern society, all without making the piece look too "robotic". I wanted to convey a little human weakness, malaise, boredom, and pain, but with an underlying strength and pride.

So cheers, old man. The truth is, if you have to go out, you'll certainly do it with some style. [BoingBoing]

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