All The Great Stuff From Google I/O 2011 Live

All The Great Stuff From Google I/O 2011 Live

Google is having its developers love fest right now. For you, this means loads of new cool stuff for your Android phone or tablet and plenty of surprises. We are covering the event live from Moscone Center, with analysis and hands-on articles.

Google Versus the World
Just a few hours into I/O, Google’s annual state-of-the-union conference, and already we know who the search titan has its sights trained on: Everybody. Everything. Everywhere. And this is just Day One. More »[imgclear]

What is Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich?
The next Android phone version Ice Cream Sandwich has one clear motive: to put a stop to Android fragmentation. Not just for phones, it’s Google’s “most ambitious” update yet. More »[imgclear]

What’s New in Android 3.1 Honeycomb?
Google is showing off the new iteration of Honeycomb – their Android version for tablets. It has a ton of new features: you can import photos directly from your camera to your tablet, for example! More »[imgclear]

Movies Finally Come to Android Market
No longer are Android devices left out in the cold when it comes to movie streaming. Movie downloads have found a home in the Android Market, with thousands of titles available to rent starting at $US2 a pop. More »[imgclear]

Google Music: Upload and Stream All Your Tunes From the Cloud
Google Music, the streaming music answer to Amazon, MOG and Rdio, is here. You can access music in the cloud and stream it to devices. But unlike MOG and Rdio, you can only play what you upload. More »[imgclear]

[email protected] Will Turn Your House Into a Giant, Automated Smartbox
Ever dreamed of turning lights on and off with your Android smartphone? Want to push music around the house like iPhone fanboys can with AirPlay. Google is bringing that to you with [email protected] and Google Tungsten, their latest creations. More »[imgclear]

Android’s New Hacker Dream ADK Makes Anything an Accessory
Great news for tinkerers (and those who like their toys)-Google’s announced what they’re calling an “ADK”, allowing hardware devs to team up with software wizards to create DIY “open accessories”. Arduino-based, the tech will Android-ify anything you want. More »[imgclear]