ABC iView Coming To Some Older Viera TVs Too

When Panasonic announced that it would finally be offering ABC's iView through the Viera Connect service, it was an announcement specifically for the new range of television screens. But what about older Viera screens? Turns out, some models will see the IPTV service arrive soon.

Panasonic gave us the following statement when we asked about older models getting the service. The bad news is that if you bought a TV before last year, you're out of luck:

The new ABC iView function allows viewers to catch up on their favourite TV shows. Viewers will soon be able to enjoy ABC iView via VIERA Cast on the 2010 VIERA VT20, V20, D25 and S25 models. Further details and availability will be announced shortly.

Panasonic have been a little slow to come to the IPTV party, but the new Connect platform looks like a pretty good start, although that will be small consolation to anybody who bought a Panny panel before last year.

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